President - Dr. Arnold Adams

Vice President - Dr. Larry Spencer

Academic Dean and Registrar - Phyllis Adams

Financial Administrator Cheryl Johnson Image Financial Administrator - Cheryl Johnson

     I grew up in southeastern KY (Leslie County). My parents were missionaries with Kentucky Mountain Mission and pastored several rural churches.
     I received a Bachelors degree in Christian Education from Bryan College. Since I spent the first thirty summers of my life at Youth Haven Bible Camp, I returned there as a full time missionary for a few years before moving to Ashland.
     The Lord used a series of difficult circumstances to bring me to Southland. What we see as bad, God can turn into good and use it for His glory. I started part-time in 1988 and became full-time in 1991. I took a short leave of absence from 2008 - 2013, but the Lord brought me back after the death of my husband and father.
     I would love to see more young people willing to answer the Lord's call to service and come for training in the Word of God. We only have a short time to reach others with the gospel and I pray that we as a mission organization will be able to stay the course until He comes.

Janette Gilreath  Administrative Assistant Image Janette Gilreath - Administrative Assistant

     Fifty-five years ago I came to Southland Bible Institute from Ashland, KY.  In my first semester they announced they needed someone to work in the Registrar's Office.  On a work scholarship of working in the Registrar's office and traveling with SBI music teams, I was able to finish the three years it took to earn my diploma in Bible, Christian Education, and Missions.  After graduation I stayed on staff as Registrar, Teaching Bible in the Public Schools, and ministering in my local church.  Completing three years, i decided to go on to Piedmont Bible College to finish my training for my Bachelor Degree.  After marrying my husband and while working along side him in the field of Education, I pursued my Masters Degree at Patriot University and continued on to do the work for my doctorate leaving only my dissertation to be completed. 
     After thirty-seven years of serving in several institutions of education as Registrar, Administrative Assistant, Teacher, Music Ministry, Retreats, Pastor's wife and involvement in local church ministry, my husband and I thought we would retire.  We came to settle in my home town after fifty years of being away.  Retirement was very short for both of us as he became Pastor of Willard Missionary Baptist Church and I joined the staff at Southland Bible Institute once again.  There is still work to do and we thank God for the health, Christian life and work experience, and the additional time to be involved in the ministry.
     It would take a book to try to express how much my training at Southland Bible Institute has influenced my life and ministry for the Lord.  It truly is a place to get training that prepares for service.  I think the most unique aspect of training at Southland is the practical training you get along with the study of the Word.  In our world of apathy, we want to wake up those God can lead to training here at Southland so that they can be strong, confident, and dedicated to give out the Gospel and lead Christians to trust Christ as not just their Savior but the Lord of their lives.  We are looking for those with a passion to proclaim the Word.    

Faculty Rev. Darrell Collings Image Faculty - Rev. Darrell Collings

     I grew up in Mendota, IL, where I was raised in a Christian home.  I attended Southland Bible Institute for four years and received my three-year diploma, after which I attended Appalachian Bible College, receiving my Bachelor degree in Theology and Pastoral ministries.  My ministry experience consists of teaching a Sunday school class, working with VBS in different capacities, singing in the choir, taking up the offering, going on two missions trips, working in Bible camps in different capacities, pulpit supply, and becoming Pastor in the church where I have now been for three years.   
    When I was at Appalachian Bible College, I felt the Lord calling me back to Southland.  When I graduated, I was accepted to come on staff at Southland.  Now I have been on staff for ten years.  I am teaching several classes and am assistant to the President.  The Lord has really blessed me here.  My desire is that the Lord will send many men and women, young and old to come and study God's Word.  I also desire that the Lord will provide many more staff members who want to minister here at Southland.   

Faculty Rev. Larry Skidmore Image Faculty - Rev. Larry Skidmore

     I was born and raised in a little town call Cedarville, WV in 1961. After graduation (1980) I attended Glenville State College, where I was studying Business Administration & Business Education, for about 1 1/2 years. I was training to teach in the public school system. In 1983, I came to visit some family members who lived near Huntington WV, met my wife, and never left. (We will be married 40 years this October.) A friend of mine introduced me to Southland in the Fall of 1990. After being a commuting student for the first year, my wife and I moved into on campus housing and I started taking classes full time. (Working a public job during the day and taking classes during the evening.) By God’s grace, I was able to turn a 3 year program into 8 years, and graduated in 1998, majoring in Bible, and having a double minor or emphasis in Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education.
     By way of ministry experience, I have ministered in just about all ministries in my church. (In no certain order: Youth Leader, Youth Pastor, VBS director, AWANA Commander, Church Camp Pastor, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Janitor, and any other area that needed help.) I have also served as Associate Pastor for 10 years, and have been a Senior Pastor for almost 20 years. When God called me to preach in 1990, my desire was to get an education that would not only help me to become a better preacher, but to also train for the “ministry”. My thoughts were to minister in the local church. God had other plans. During my training at Southland, my wife and I were approached to take over the duties of running the kitchen and cooking for the students and staff. That was 1995. In 1998, I was able to transition into the classroom and been teaching ever since. While my desire was to teach in the public field of education, God took that desire and placed it in the ministry field of education. (And I have never been disappointed about that change!)
     Including my training, I have been with Southland almost 35 years. Almost 30 years being on the faculty and staff. The desire to “train for the ministry” has faded greatly over the past 30 years. With the information highway” of the Internet, many who would have greatly benefited by digging into the Bible, now just press a few buttons and they have an answer. The trouble is, how do they know that it is the right answer? Without a proper study of Scripture, you can be greatly misled, and in turn, mislead those who might sit under their ministry.
     My desire is that Southland would continue to be a place where Christians, both young and old, would learn to “rightly divide the word of truth” in whatever technology that might be available. Times have greatly changed. Sin has increased. Many religions claim to be the only way to heaven. But God has never changed. And the Bible has never changed. There is still only one way to heaven…through and by the shed blood of God’s only Son, our LORD and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ! And how do I know this? It has been through many years of sitting under correct Biblical preaching and teaching, and by digging into God’s Word myself. May God be pleased with the direction of ministry that Southland has taken for over 80 years. And may that direction never change.

Faculty - Rev. Rock Dearfield

Librarian Glenda Conn Image Librarian - Glenda Conn

I was born and reared in a Christian home in the little community of Harts, WV. I made a profession of salvation at an early age, but as a young adult, the Lord began to deal with me and made me realize that I was not truly saved. I trusted Him as my Savior in 1970 and have never doubted since that time. In the churches we attended, I served as Sunday school teacher and choir member and other ministries as needed. I have taken several classes at Southland, and they have been invaluable to me in my personal walk with the Lord and teaching Sunday school. I have been a volunteer for the past 10 years at the suggestion of one of the former board members and my former pastor, Doug McCaleb. Since Southland has been so helpful to me as a lay church member, I would encourage other adults who serve in their churches to take advantage of the classes offered here.

Kitchen Manager Sandy Gollihue Image Kitchen Manager - Sandy Gollihue

"I came to Southland as a student in 2009 because I felt a desire to develop a deeper walk with God.  There was just something about the place and I fell in love with it.  My husband passed in 2015.  I wanted to be part of a ministry and I remembered Southland.  I moved here in December of 2016 and became part of the staff shortly after.  My jobs include cooking, cleaning and helping anywhere I can.  I still enjoy taking classes and hope one day to graduate.  I pray for Southland to continue offering quality, affordable classes to many, regardless of age or background, who want to receive training that prepares for service. 
I thank God for Southland.   

Maintenance Jim Tuley Image Maintenance - Jim Tuley

     Growing up as a missionary kid in Appalachia, I had visions of being an Aviation Missionary Pilot.  When God showed me that was not His plan for me, I enrolled at Southland Bible Institute.  The training I received has equipped me for service for Him these last fifty-five years, beginning as a member of the staff running the Printing Department.  God then directed me to Drive-In Ministries to set up and run their Printing Department.  From there, I was in secular work for twelve years while raising our family and furthering my education.  Through this time period I was busy in the local church as a teacher, treasurer, bus ministry, music, and worship leader.  God then directed me back to Appalachia to minister as an Interim Pastor, Missionary, teaching five years with Mingo Christian Schools, twenty-two years with Rural American Mission and now on the maintenance staff of Southland Bible Institute.  During these years of ministry, I, from time to time have driven a school bus, and my wife and I have ministered to foster children in our home.
     Because of health issues and the distance to the school from our home, I am working parttime at Southland but would love to be on campus fulltime. We are trusting God will continue to use the great ministry here at Southland and send many trained workers out into "the field white unto harvest" to win souls while serving those in the body of Christ.    

Maintenance - Marty Stapleton