The student's life at Southland Bible Institute is designed to encourage
and to build self-discipline in each area of his personality.
In order to grow in one's relationship with Jesus Christ, a daily devotional habit must be cultivated. Each student is strongly encouraged to set aside time daily for prayer and personal Bible study.
Southland Bible Institute is not a substitute for, but an arm of, the local church. Each student is expected to faithfully participate in a local church ministry in order to grow in areas of fellowship, worship, instruction, and service.
The local church provides the expressional complement to                                                                   the impressionable classroom study.
Members of the Southland family pledge to live lives of obedience to the standards set forth in the Scriptures.
Faculty, staff, and the student body are expected to give wholehearted allegiance to the high moral principles of honesty, purity of speech, sobriety, sexual purity, and separation from worldliness as found in God's Word. All sinful acts, including prejudice based on race, sex, or social status, are to be avoided. Any member of the Southland family who violates these Biblical principles of conduct may be counseled. If the violation is corrected, the member will be allowed to continue his relationship with the Institute. If counsel is rejected and adherence to Biblical standards refused, the offending member may be dismissed. Repeated violations of Biblical standards of conduct may result in permanent dismissal from Southland Bible Institute.
All students are expected to attend all class sessions having completed the assignments due.
We expect that both men and women's attire be clean, neat, and modest at all times.
Further considerations are found in the Student Handbook.
Southland Bible Institute provides housing for full-time single resident students at a greatly reduced rate.
The opportunity to live in school housing and benefit from dorm and campus living is a privilege, not a right.
All full-time single students are required to live in on-campus housing. Each student must meet and keep the following conditions to remain in school housing at the reduced rate:
1. be enrolled in, and passing a minimum of 10 semester hours of classes.
2. be current in all school related payments.
3. be in accordance with the basic rules.
4. be active in required school activities, including but not limited, to chapel.
5. pets are not allowed in school housing because of health reasons. Service dogs are not pets and are allowed.
School housing is to be cared for in a manner worthy of the Lord. Further considerations are found in the Student Handbook.
A major part of Bible education can be learned only by experience. Because this is true, each student is expected to be involved in the ministry of a local church during his/her training at Southland Bible Institute. The type and duration of ministry can be worked out with the local church, pastor, or mission. If such ministry is not available for a student, Southland may assign that student's Christian service. All such ministry is to be carried out in a manner worthy of the Lord. This includes proper preparation, good relationships, and faithfulness. Further considerations are found in the Student Handbook.